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Word on the street 

“Life-changing results after just one session” 


—  Jess M.

As a teenager starting High School life is pretty tough... Jessie helped me cope with my anxiety and over thinking. I feel lighter, confident, positive, I trust and back myself way more. I feel like a new me which I love. Jessie you have given me skills for life and I thank you.

EMPOWER ME NOW!... Yes you definitely have!

Siobhán Xxx

- Siobhan

Wow is all I can start with, what a life changing experience so far! Jessie - you are absolutely the best at what you do, without a doubt. I simply don't have the words to explain my gratitude towards you.. i can do one thing however and that is recommended you to every other person out there that seems like they have run out of answers, in any aspect of life. You won't regret it!!

- Leon

My session with Jess was life altering. I felt instantly lighter and happier and the positive emotions continued to grow over the next week or so. That was a couple of months ago now and I can very confidently say I am happier, calmer and more positive than I have been for several years. I'm far less reactive. I have less anger and resentment. My anxiety has greatly improved and I'm starting to feel more confident around people again. I can feel my old self creeping back... And I love it. I am so impressed with Jess that I am booking all my children (mixed range from primary to adult) in with her. My youngest 2 (age 9 and 11)had their session today and they both said it was awesome and they both reported feeling "heaps better" after their session with Jess. I'm so excited for the future... Something I haven't been able to say for a long time. Jess achieved this result in one short session. I can totally see why Mike King has chosen Jess as one of the people he chooses work along side with. I would highly recommend a session with Jess to every single human. Thank you so much Jess. Thank you so much Mike. Thank you.

- Paula 

I had the pleasure to hear Jessie speak tonight and share her story and skills that she has learnt and has a passion to share with all who are keen to listen!!!!
Her back story rung true with my children’s journey and I was encouraged to know that there was a way to re skill them to create a better future for themselves. I love that I can re train myself and upskill myself to become a better individual and parent.
Thank You Jessie

- Kendra

I took my son in at the very start of the month, Jessie was amazing with my boy, he was extremely anxious about even going to see jessie, she put him at ease straight away. After the consultation Jessie said to wait a few weeks before I decided if he needed further appointments.

It's been almost a month now and wow is all I can say! the changes in my son have been life changing for him and our family. He's constantly living outside of his comfort zone, pushing through and achieving at a high standard, he's excelling socially, academically and in his sports.

I asked him today if he felt different since is meeting with Jessie and he said 'Well mum I'm just not scared anymore and I feel happy all the time'.

I truly believe without Jessie, my son was going to face a life controlled by his own mental health, he was constantly worried and anxious about everything and now in his words he isn't scared and he's happy!

- Alana


Amazing. I spent years going through the up and down struggles of life and especially living with my skin condition which at times made me want to give up completely. It's been a couple of months now and I still have my bad days only the bad days aren't a black tunnel with no light anymore. They're just bad days and I know they'll get better. I am truly grateful for all your help and couldn't thank you enough for the quality of life I have back 😊

- Lauren 


Very highly recommend, my first session completely changed my life , panic and worry free (first time in 10 years)

2nd session (today) 6 months later and it has just reassured me I have the resources I need to keep going and I feel lighter

Definitely worth it 🤗🤗👌

- Cynthia 

During a conversation with Mike King he mentioned that I should arrange an appointment with Jessie. Her response was to make a time available the next day given that I was referred by Mike, for myself having PTSD for 36 yrs this urgency was a very pleasant surprise. Jessie's empathy and her straight forward description to a improved way forward, created a level of trust that has had such positive outcome. The feeling of being "absolutely transformed" after the first visit was only the start to working towards a better life without the constant PTSD burden. Jessie has empowered my life and I would highly recommend others to make contact with her to also enjoy a positive way forward. 
Many Thanks,
- Merv 

Hey Jessie, just wanted to touch base and say that I swear you are a miracle worker!! Things have happened over the past few days that usually would have seen my mood drastically drop and they HAVEN'T!!! Ever since that one session with you my mental space has been a million times better and something that i truly believed was impossible, not just for me but in general, you have proven is possible.... depression IS curable!!! I cannot wait for our next session to go over it even more. Thank you seriously THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

- Robert

Life changing results after just one session!

– Jess 

Jessie has helped me through a pretty confusing time in my life. Being away from my friends and family has been particularly hard but she has given me such clarity on present and past occurrences. With only a few visits I am feeling reenergised and fighting fit to tackle any challenges head on.
I cannot thank you enough Jessie.

– Kim

I’d like to share with you how deeply grateful I am to Jessie Kendall from ‘Empower Me Now’. What I have achieved is a true testament to the success that can be attained from working with Jessie. The power of the mind!!! Not only did I embark on a new exciting chapter of my life, but I was also able to achieve a remarkable beginning to competing internationally in the World Cup Speed Skiing circuit. None of this would have been possible without her expertise. Thank you Jessie!

– Tawny 

When I came to see Jessie I didn’t really know what to expect but she guided me through the process perfectly. I felt safe and cared for and it was a fun, easy and pretty quick. Since then I have felt lots of exciting shifts! I can see the future more clearly and it looks way better than I ever anticipated! I am so grateful to have done this with with Jessie and to trust her with guiding me through this. I feel 100% confident that this is contributing to my future success. It’s so good to feel amazing and have that certainty of knowing where I am going. If you want clarity now you simply must work with Jessie to achieve your big dreams!

– Rebecca

I found Empower Me Now fantastic, in my early 20s struggling with grief, anxiety and depression Jessie was so sweet, helpful and professional it helped that she was also still my generation – relatable. With traditional counselling you have to build up a rapport with the counsellor to express yourself but with Empower Me now (NLP) you don’t have to share everything with Jessie. Using subconscious brain techniques you can share as much as you like about the situation & Jessie just works with what you give her to apply the exercises to change your thinking. I always came back from Sumner with a smile on my face and feeling a little bit lighter! I recommend Empower Me Now and think it’s life changing!! I now live in Australia but the great thing about it is I can see her through Skype if I have any issues, thanks Jessie, glad I saw your Facebook post in 2014 – such a great experience.

– Ella

I feel like NLP worked really well for me. I only saw Jessie once and a couple of days later I could already notice a difference in the way I was feeling. I asked if she could help with my depression, anxiety and self-confidence issues. It’s only been around two-three weeks since I saw her but I have improved so much! I haven’t fully healed, but I am definitely getting there. My moods have been improving a lot. I notice that when people ask “How are you?”, I respond with “Good, thank you”, and actually mean it!! I would highly recommend Empower Me Now for anyone going through their own mental illness battle. It works really well and surprisingly really fast too! It’s fantastic.

– Rhianna

Seeing Jessie was amazing, she has bought more income into my life through my business which is now constantly busy. More money than ever. I would advise anyone to try the money strategies and her personal growth and relaxation techniques. Thanks Empower Me Now.

– Jolene

I had a huge mental block in attempting my post graduate study (not having studied for almost two decades). This block brought upon anxiety, depressive feelings and despite all the tools I knew I had, I could not change the vicious cycle in which I was trapped. To even get into my study room at home was a monumental achievement and the few times that I made it the attempts at actually studying were thwarted. I’ve had only one session with Jessie (although Jessie didn’t limit me to this at all) and it was a month ago. I’ve never had such a robust reaction to intervention. I’ve achieved every goal that I set about with Jessie’s help. Thank you Jessie, I needed you!

– Rebecca

A powerful tool to change/open/be aware of your mindfulness, highly recommended. The professionalism, experience of you therapist Jessie is outstanding. Nothing to lose, go experience NLP today. You will be surprised.

– Jezza, Director at Makingtrax

What a wonderful experience I had with this amazingly insightful and kind person. Recommend her 100%. Thank you for showing me a new way to process and readjust my thought process.

– Anna

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