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Staff Coaching

Staff Coaching and Assistance Programmes with Jessie Kendall (B.A(Hons.), MSc. Psyc, NLP) from Empower Me Now

As you are aware, staff must have the right mindset and coping strategies to perform their best in the workplace, whether it be be for day to day productivity and engagement, achieving company goals, transitioning or upskilling - they need the right tools and techniques to maximise their mental health, wellbeing and skills so that they are achieving their potential constantly and hence helping the company achieve its potential. What is often necessary for this to happen is a system that will not only ensure any barriers are removed that may be limiting an individual but also provide a way to ensure attitudes and thought processes are conducive to meeting the needs and desires of the company.

As a supplier to several companies, Empower Me Now offers comprehensive coaching sessions for staff within the company, gaining fast and effective results for both the individual and the company. These sessions involve:

  • Ensuring mental health, wellbeing and productivity stay at optimum levels at all times whether going through change or not, this is done through removing specific barriers that may be a stress or getting in the way personally and professionally,

  • Supporting them through culture change, providing them with skills to stay resourceful; integrating and aligning new company cultures.

  • Teaching staff how to more easily access/use certain skills and installing within them the resources needed in different situations, e.g, flexibility/adaptability to change or dealing with problematic customers or colleagues.

  • Resolving any issues that they may have that may be restricting them to up-skill or transition to a higher level.

  • Ensuring staff possess the necessary skills that are required to meet the company’s vision.

  • Supporting the staff in setting ‘well-formed’ outcomes, meaning they will achieve what they need to achieve quickly.

  • Resolving any existing conflicts.

  • Developing “Peak Performance” states in personal and professional pursuits.

The great thing about this method of coaching is that there is no limit to what we can work on and change, so whatever is required out of the coaching sessions for the staff will be provided, as sessions are tailored specific to individual needs.

Jessie also does workshops and speaking in the workplace, sharing her story and techniques to enhance productivity and wellbeing.

There is nothing more valuable for your business than investing in your staff’s needs. Please contact Jessie at [email protected] if you are interested in finding out more about these programmes.

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