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Jessie Kendall from Empower Me Now is a coach and public speaker. She provides talks to staff in workplaces, schools and communities, providing them with the most effective tools and techniques of how to help ourselves and others feel, think and behave in more resourceful ways, achieving better results. She shares her own story which is providing hope and inspiring others to reach their highest potential. Jessie not only has the techniques that can change how we feel and behave quickly, she has the advantage of her own personal experience to now be able to help others assist in their transition even more profoundly.

Please get in touch if you are interested in having Jessie as a speaker. 


Conditioning the mind for emotional and mental resilience


In this workshop, Jessie covers -

●     How the mind is storing information from our past experiences, beliefs, values and how our use of language is affecting how we are thinking, feeling and behaving.

●     How we can better use language with ourselves and others to achieve better feelings and outcomes in behaviour, the do’s and don’ts of language.

●     How we can use physiology to change our state.

●     How to help if they go through anxiety, trauma, depression, and other mental health issues, providing hope that nothing is permanent and how it can be treated.

●     How to ask more effective questions, getting us and those around us better results/feelings.

●     How to access peak states within ourselves and others, building emotional control and resilience.


Jessie provides you with the knowledge of how our minds works, the skills to take control of your mental and emotional processes, and the ability to perform the kinds of actions that lead with greater ease to the results that you want.



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