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My name is Jessie Kendall, I have Bachelor of Arts with Honours and Masters of Science in Industrial and Organisational (Applied) Psychology. I am also an internationally qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.


I have used NLP on my personal journey to transition myself from where I was earlier in life to where I am today as a business owner helping others. I am passionate about using this powerful form of coaching to assist others not only eliminate the unknown barriers restricting them from achieving their full potential in their personal and business lives but to also help install within them the mental resources that are necessary for them to excel in their area of choice. I also do public speaking at events, schools, and businesses to share advanced tools and techniques of how to achieve the results that you really want.


I am privileged to have the likes of Mike King refer me clients with mental health issues - because of the power of the technique used people are making incredible transformations in as little as one session, this treats the cause, rather than just cover up the symptom!

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