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One to One coaching

NLP is widely known "as the fastest and most powerful vehicle for personal change in existence!" (Psychology Today Magazine)

Whether you want to resolve the impact of traumatic events, alleviate mental health issues and improve wellbeing, eliminate unhealthy habits, improve your relationship/s, lose weight and keep it off, eliminate child behaviour issues, achieve something you haven’t achieved before, or just want to improve your quality of life, then Empower Me Now coaching is for you. This is the secret to profound and lasting change.

Empower Me Now coaching is different from your regular forms of coaching or therapy.


Because we use specific Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) mind processes in a session that trigger the level of your mind that is necessary to work with in order to create fast and permanent changes. The results we are getting on a daily basis are controlled by an area of our mind where our memories, decisions, beliefs, values and experiences are stored, our unconscious mind – something that we cannot just change on a conscious level, otherwise we would all be our own best therapists, right?

It is not until we trigger this part of the mind that we can treat the cause of an issue or recurring pattern, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions...the list goes on. Everything is controlled by our own ‘story’, how we communicate with ourselves; our perceptions, our blueprint. The great thing is we can change what we are storing in our mind (and nervous system) to eliminate the effects of unhelpful decisions in the past, adopted beliefs that are no longer serving us and unpleasant memories.

It cannot be stressed enough that the way in which we are storing and perceiving our past on that deeper level is responsible for your thoughts, feelings, actions and outcomes today. We are creating results that our brain and nervous system are familiar with, so as well as removing limiting beliefs, traumas, grief (the list goes on) from the past that is holding us back, what we can also do is 'install' into your mind what its going to be like to achieve or have exactly what you do want. It then becomes so familiar that your brain knows how to achieve it and feel it – our neural pathways start to fire in different ways. The reason we often keep creating situations we don’t want is because it is all our brain knows – our neural pathways are so used to firing in that particular way that that is why we keep getting the same results or feelings.

Remember, everything good or bad you experience in life has its cause due to how we are responding to past experiences and how we are using our mind - we can easily work with this to achieve better feelings out and outcomes. Instead of just covering up the symptom, treat the cause of an issue, try this today – you will be truly wowed.

Empower Me Now has people like mental health advocate Mike King recommending its services because of the transformational results that are being experienced.

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In a session I will ask you what you would like to change - the good thing is that we don't have to talk about the negativity of a situation or the past if you don't want to, I will then explain to you the process we will go through that is most appropriate for what you want to get rid of or change, and then take you through it - easy!! They are advanced controlled processes that work with the part of your mind that is causing the symptoms you are experiencing.

Please see below for examples of the things you could work on. The majority of my clients are coming to see me to get relief from trauma, anxiety and overthinking/stress, addictions, depression. Many are coming after trying other things without success and with the unique process used, are transforming what they come in for, and some in as little as one session.


Sessions are either done in person in Auckland, or online meaning it doesn't matter where in the world you may be, you can still experience what Empower Me Now has to offer!

Cancellation Policy: If you need to change the time of your appointment, please do so 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Since I reserve space and time for your appointment, cancellations on the day of the appointment or 'no shows' may incur a fee.


6-Session Programme – have the necessary comprehensive mental skills training to be able transform yourself to get yourself to where you want to be in just 6 sessions, with support in between. 

Transform your childs behaviour and wellbeing programme – a 3 session programme that will eliminate in their mind and nervous system the cause of undesireable behaviors and anxieties/conflicts.

Great for…

  • trauma

  • parent/child conflict

  • listening/following instructions

  • eating behaviours

  • anxiety and wellbeing

  • sleeping problems

  • tantrums

  • friendships

  • whatever it is… there will be a cause and that cause can be treated

What exactly is NLP


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a set of methods and tools for developing behavioural flexibility and competence. It looks at the way we think, how we store and process our thoughts (Neuro), the language patterns we use with ourselves and others (Linguistic), and how these interact to have a positive (or negative) effect on our behaviour (Programming). Put simply, it is a collection of methods, models and visualisation techniques that will help you change how you perceive things by working to change the neurological connections in your brain so that more positive thoughts, words, actions and outcomes become part of your everyday reality. With the techniques involved in NLP therapy and coaching, specific new neural pathways are ‘wired-in’ to bring about profound change.

The methods, model and tools used in NLP originate from a process called modelling. NLP is known as “the study of human excellence” – modelling the excellence of others and what works to make things work for you.

NLP has a strategy and technique that will help with almost anything, there is essentially no limit to what you can work on. That’s why we love it. If you can imagine what your desired outcome will be with a particular situation, then we can train your brain to think in a way that is conducive to that outcome. It’s that easy. It can be used as a therapeutic tool to overcome addictions, past stresses and traumas etc, or a coaching tool in business, sport and life for optimal performance and success.

It can sound complex, however, the processes involved in each session are fun, quick and easy.

What is the difference between NLP and life coaching?

The difference lies in the process and techniques during a session.


  • Focuses on outcomes (solution-based)

  • Changes are made at an unconscious level which is why change is so fast and lasting. All change happens at an unconscious level, meaning changes will be effortless. Resources can be installed that you have never had before.

  • There is no need to go into the negativity of a situation to resolve it.


Some of the things NLP is great for…

  • Trauma

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Obsession

  • Motivation

  • Confidence

  • Grief

  • Performance

  • Weight loss

  • Self-belief

  • Phobias

  • Goal achievement

  • Relationships

  • Family

  • Career

  • Health

  • Smoking cessation

  • Addiction

  • Staff Performance

  • Sports Performance



Empower Me Now specialises in helping people overcome the adverse effects that trauma continues to have on them, providing relief for an individual in as little as one session. The NLP trauma relief process has been found to be almost three times as successful as cognitive behavioural interventions and takes a fraction of the time. In the U.S, Dr Franke Bourke, a psychologist who worked with those affected by the 9-11 terrorist attacks in New York found that NLP protocols relieved PTSD symptoms over 80% of the time in two to four hours. Cognitive behavioural therapy, the best of the researched methods, is effective 32% of the time and takes four to nine months. It was used and is still used to help eliminate the traumatic effects of the Christchurch earthquakes. It has also been used to helped the Samoa tsunami victims in 2009 and in the Japan earthquakes of 2011. Trauma stays within our nervous system and keeps affecting us in our daily lives until we treat the cause of it with these processes that trigger the area of the brain where the trauma is stored.


NLP is excellent for reducing stress, you will not only learn how to overcome stress in Empower Me Now sessions, but you will be provided with tools that you can use in any situation where you may find yourself starting to get nervous or stressed, for example, meetings, pressure at work, or the general stressors of life. These tools guide your body and mind to relax instantly so you can feel resourceful in any situation. 

Popular Magazine Opinions

According to Time Magazine and other opinion leaders:

“NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence…” – Modern Psychology

“NLP has untapped potential for treating individual problems….It has metamorphosed into an all-purpose self-improvement program and technology.” – Time Magazine

“NLP could be the most important synthesis of knowledge about human communication to emerge since the sixties.” – Science Digest

“NLP cannot be dismissed as just another hustle. Its theoretical underpinnings represent an ambitious attempt to codify and synthesize the insights of linguistics, body language and the study of communication systems.” – Psychology Today

“(NLP) does offer the potential for making changes without the usual agony that accompanies these phenomena…Thus it affords the opportunity to gain flexibility, creativity and greater freedom of action than most of us now know…” – Training and Development Journal

“. . . real estate brokers and salespeople use Neuro-Linguistics to enhance their communication skills and provide them with more choices when working in a difficult situation. . . it shows how we make sense of the world around us and communicate.” – Real Estate Today

Some of the people who use NLP are:

President Obama, President Clinton, Tony Blair, J.K. Rowlilng, Tiger Woods, Heston Blumenthal, Bill Gates, Lily Allen, Oprah Winfrey, Gerri Halliwell, Tony Robbins, Sophie Dahl, Richard Branson, Andre Agassi, Sylvester Stallone, Jimmy Carr and thousands more!

Students, Parents, Psychologists, Salespeople, Doctors, Chiropractors, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Social Workers, Public Speakers, CEOs, Human Resource Professionals, Managers, Administrative Assistants, Mediators, Attorneys, Teachers, Government managers, Law Enforcement, Military, Writers…. you name it!

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